top 5 sex toys for virgins

Top 5 Sex Toys For Virgins

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  1. The Magic Wand: Originally marketed in the 1960s to relieve stress and tension in your back, magic-wand style massagers quickly found their way between ladies’ legs. These massagers are pretty basic in shape and have various speeds and vibration modes for clitoral stimulation.

This tried-and-true favorite is like a choose your own adventure sex toy. Thanks to all the attachments, you can’t really go wrong. The flexible head and long handle work well in a variety of angles, and the large head can stimulate your whole nether region. And that means you’ll always be able to pinpoint a perfect position for orgasm.


  1. The Clit Stimulator: A clit stimulator is just that — a device designed to target this ultra-sensitive part with teasing vibrations. Some, such as the popular butterfly vibrator, is hands-free and can be worn while you do other things (such as oral sex on your guy or girl or reading some erotica).

The hands-free butterfly-style vibrators can give you direct clitoral stimulation during sex, and that means experiencing both G-spot and C-spot orgasms, says sex expert Dana Myers of Booty Or you can enjoy a hybrid vibrator (like the one shown) that pairs butterfly flutters for your clit with a vibrating penetrating shaft.


  1. The Bed Bondage System: Turn your bedroom into a kinky playground with a restraint system that straps right under your mattress, no matter what size it is. These bondage systems come with a padded and adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs. You can remove the bondage system any time you want — it’s as simple as changing your sheets.

This type of sex play can help couples increase their sense of intimacy and improve their sexual communication, as well as help them benefit from an exchange of power and control by switching up submissive and dominant roles. And when you can talk about sex, you’ll both be able to advocate for better orgasms.


  1. Pleasure Ring: While the idea of introducing pleasure devices into the bedroom is not new, they are definitely becoming more mainstream. As a result, couples are becoming more adventurous, and this trend will continue in the future. Specifically, the sex toys market is seeing an increase in men using a sex toy during intercourse. They view sex toys as an aid in the bedroom, not a replacement. This pleasure ring is a perfect gateway for beginners to turn up the heat. It sits at the base of his penis, giving you both extra vibrations during the main event. Since it’s made of waterproof silicone, you can enjoy it in the bath or shower, too.


  1. Leather Flogger: There’s always been a percentage of people into BDSM, and Hollywood scratched the kink surface with the Fifty Shades franchise; the most recent film in the hit series was in theaters in 2018. More partners than ever are realizing that they can add a level of BDSM to their sex life that fits their personal comfort zone.

Thanks to the higher interest, more BDSM curious options are now available, like cuffs, collars, ball gags, and floggers—such as this one, which can be used for exotic and erotic role-playing scenarios.