Love And Sex

Love Or Sex Which Is Better?

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Love and sex are like two sides of a coin. When the question raises whether love or sex! Which one is better among these two then it becomes a complicated debate. Though you will find the different answers from different people on this question here I am going to describe each of them separately and give you my opinion. Hope you will also agree with my opinion. So let’s start with details without wasting any time.

First of all love and sex are not the same. Many people think both of them are alike but actually they are wrong. Love is all about emotion or you can say feelings on the other hand sex is like biological even. Though sex is also different types most of them are common.

Sex Also Enhance Love

Sex doesn’t mean only penetration it can be without penetration also. Sex can happen between a male and a female also between two females and males or single ones also which is known as masturbation. If you complain closely you can find love and sex are quite different from each other. In my personal view and some of the studies also says that love with sex is always powerful and creates good bonding between partners.

If you are single then you can prefer sex for your physical enjoyment but that’s for a few time enjoyment. But if you are committed strongly then don’t think about anyone among love and sex. Always go with love with sex to create strong bonding between you and your partner. Let’s discuss two points on love with sex for better understanding.

Love Sex Combination Enhances Pair-bonding

If you are a couple and having sex with love then no doubt you have better bonding, affection, and loyalty towards each other. Love sex always solidifies the connection between two people and intensify it. When it comes to the relationship you can’t just stick to anyone between love and sex.

So there is always a need to mix action to make your life better and beautiful. Love with sex always creates a good understanding and a better sense of humor towards each other which is always great and a sign of positivity.

People With Great Sex With Love Are Always Happier

A study says people who enjoy a healthy sex life with love towards their partner are happier. This combo always brings a positive attitude and removes stress. Having sex with your partner always relaxes your mind and body on the other hand love creates a caring nature and emotion which is equally needed to enjoy your relationship and make it stronger for a long time.

Sex with love is always a pleasurable and unique experience so never just stick to one try to involve both for a positive life. I just shared my point of view here. I hope you like this post and understand the thing I mentioned above. If you have any questions feels free to ask me under the comment section I will love to answer those.