How to Find G-Spot In Men

How to Find G-Spot In Men

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How to Find G-Spot In Men

Yes, males have also G-spot, and finding it not a difficult task all you have the proper knowledge and dedication towards your partner so you can make him feel like heaven.

The experts call it P-spot instead of G-spot and P indicates for prostate which is a small gland in men that stand under the bladder. There are two ways of finding G-spot in men:-

Internal Way:

The internal way is located inside the rectum and your fingers can help you out. Inserting them slowly 2 inches near the rectum can stimulate and provide an awesome feeling.

External Way:

The perineum is the external part where you can hit the G-spot by rubbing it gently or sucking. Some men maybe don’t like or they feel weird so you must have an honest conversation with your partner and make him ready for that.

What Things You Will Need Before That

Well, yes, if you are doing it for the first time you will need some material that will help you out, let’s see what are the things:-


Using a good quality silicone-based lube would be surely helpful. Lube can produce enough lubrication that will prevent pain and tearing.

Sex Toys:

No, that’s not a necessary point but can be a little helpful for finding the G-spot in men. There are various toys available that are specially made for men and easily available on the internet.

Safety Measurements:

We are heartily apologies for spoiling the mood but we can’t ignore the truth. Anal are the way of pooping and a hub of lots of bacteria. No matter how much you wash your hands, we will suggest that using a condom would be a good idea if you don’t want to invite any disease.

Wearing latex gloves can also help you out but yes, safety rules are important and if you love your partner then guide him about that.

Get Ready For The Suspense

When you see your man is ready and in a mood, it is the best time for stimulating G-spot.

Take a bath and a sensual massage would be worthy and add some foreplay and kissing and sucking are the most important keys for stimulating and arousing.

Apply some lube on the fingers and start slowly by inserting in the anal and try to find the prostate that would be round in the shape like a bulb and gently move the fingers around that.